Five-Step Process

  • Relational Development

    Generally the process starts when an indigenous leader or an expat who employs indigenous talent contacts us with a particular training need. We communicate until we are confident that we understand the leader’s felt needs (the desired outcomes) and that he or she understands our expectations.

  • Proposal Development

    After we understand the training context and desired training outcomes, we prepare a training proposal. This proposal includes a description of the trainees, their training needs, anticipated hurdles that will need to be negotiated, the trainers, and a budget that includes funding sources and sufficient revenue to cover all costs.

  • Trainer Preparation

    The trainers will prepare a curriculum that considers the trainees current competency, the time available, the desired outcomes, and cultural and contextual sensitivities.

  • Training Event

    The content will be delivered interactively as opposed to lecture and other one-way delivery strategies. Our hope is that real change will result. Real change comes through life-on-life relationship. Our trainers create a relationship-based training environment.

  • Evaluation

    Ongoing monitoring and adjustment occurs during the training event. A trainee/trainer evaluation form and conversation is completed near the conclusion of the training event. A written assessment of the training process is completed within a month following the conclusion of the training event.