Prayer is essential for our work. We long to be Christ’s ambassadors and for Anda Leadership to be a blessing to the people, communities, and nations we serve. Thank you for joining us before God, and consider specifically the following items:

  • That we would be good listeners and effective encouragers. Our methods are responsive because we long to help people to understand their God-given value and to use the gifts He has given to find solutions in their situations. As westerners, it is easy to come up with our own solutions which may or may not work in a majority world context. Our first goal is to listen and understand, and we need patience and discipline from God to do this well.
  • That God will open the right doors and lead us to the right people and into the right opportunities. There is no shortage of places we could go or people we could work with. However, we long to be good stewards and are aware that this takes discernment.
  • Most importantly, that He would raise up leaders in these emerging markets who can make the difference in their societies. We have had the privilege of meeting many such people and continue to pray that He will provide countries, companies, and families with leaders who are relying on Him and are willing to step out on behalf of His Kingdom.


Your tax-deductible contributions enable us to move quickly as opportunities arise to train and mentor entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Anda Leadership is an affiliate of Allegro Organizational Solutions which provides our administrative support, including processing donations. You may give by phone, mail, and/or online through the Allegro donation webpage by clicking here and please designate your gift for Anda Leadership.

Go With Us!

We offer a unique opportunity for Christian business leaders, trainers, and mentors to use their gifts and abilities to equip entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Short-term international travel and a willingness to serve in a challenging and rewarding cross-cultural environment are required.

Contact us for more information via email or our contact page.